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The West Rock Ridge Park Association, a volunteer organization, was started in 1974 by Dr. William Doheny of Hamden, ecologist Dr. Stephen Collins of Bethany and Mr. Peter Cooper, a Woodbridge attorney, with the express purpose of creating a state park. The Association’s main purposes were and are

  • to urge the state to acquire more land to complete the park and
  • to act as a watchdog to prevent inappropriate activities there.

The Association relies on volunteer members to maintain the six-mile-long Regicides Trail, one of the most famous CT Blue Trails.

7 Goals for the West Rock Ridge Park Association

1.  Cooperate with Department of Environmental Protection in the preservation and enhancement of the Park.

2.  Promote acquisition by the State of additional lands for the Park.

3.  Maintain existing trails; create new ones where appropriate.

4.  Sponsor programs concerning the natural history and history of the area.

5.  Suggest, coordinate and encourage appropriate recreational and social events to emphasize the unique features of the park.

6.  Publish and make available maps, programs, booklets, etc. to increase understanding and enjoyment of the park.

7.  Distribute periodic newsletter to members about the par, tis natural history, history, activities, events, and legislation affecting it.


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